Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 Things to Save your Cellphone from Mobile CALAMITIES

Just today morning i was discussing with my students about How they can guide their Customers To save their phones from Mobile calamities.
Now a days people prefer to use top branded mobile phone and to buy these mobile phones you need to spend quit a big amount and even to repair it, if it causes some problem.

So we came up with few everyday accidents that may happen with  mobiles phones and how you can save your phones from being damaged by it.

1. Virus Attack

A smartphone virus can only spread through a medium where there is connectivity and data movement like infrared, bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. So unless you are not sure of what data is moved from other device to your phone don't go for it.

Solution: Best way is to have a good antivirus always Active in your phone which scans every incoming and outgoing data. personally i less recommend it because it usually slow down the system. so you have to decide if theres need of an antivirus or no according to your threat perception.

2. Dust

we all know how easiely dust particles sattles inside the phone which creates minor to large problems in the mobile phones. Speciall in the city like Mumbai (Bombay) these dust sattles with the moisture so sometimes its more hazardous to our phones.
Now a days smartphones comes with glossy panels which only aggravates the problem.

Solution: A pouch can keep the phone safe from dust particles. (though not completely safe). Some pouches which comes with fluffy material inside; otherwise they tend to scratch as well. so be carefull while choosing your pouch.

3. Free Fall

These electronic equipment comes with very delicate parts inside, even a fall from less than 4 feet can wreak it.

Solution: Since theres very little we can do about this accidential fall, the best way is to enclose the phone in a protective cover (It's different from pouch)

4. Water Resistance
We havent come across any of the water resistant phone except samsung marine. So make sure you keep your phone at safe distance from the water. So dont go Dancing in the rain with your cellphone inside your pocket. Water easiely finds its way in the phone and can lead to short circuit. In extreme cases there might even be a small explosion.

Do not drop the phone in water. Don't take it to the bathroom or loo. and if phone gets wet, the first thing you need to do is take out the battery. and openup all the removable parts. you can follow my earlier blog "10 Steps to Save your water damaged cellphone" if this happens.

5. Over-charging.
Till few years beck many of the mobile phones didn't have the software that will stop the charging when the battery reaches its capacity. However now a days almost all the phones comes with which can stop the charging process once the battery is compeletely charged. But what about the charget! it needs to be disconnected to prevent it from getting heated up.

Just make sure that once the phone indicates that the battery is fully charged you remove the charger from the socket. also you need to make sure that the battery is drained out before the next charging. as that can lead to a longer battery life.

6. Anti- Scratch
The Scratchguard screens are mostly designed for smartphones. there are also many phones which have hard screens, but at some point of time they develop micro-scratches. which can only be seen in natural light when the lights of the screens are off.

The best ways is to protect your screen is by using a good screen guard and a good cover. don't keep your phone facing downside.

7. Short Circuit
The possible reasons are faulty battery, overcharging of battery or due to presence of moisture inside the phone. we have heard many cases about explosion of these cellphones which mostly occurs because of a faulty batteries of it. which leaks over the period of time and causes short circuit.

If the battery doesent show any sign of defectiveness (Except Blackberry phones), but you dont have to worry. If its unable to complete the charging cycle or it drains off quickly then there might be a battery related problem. in such cases it is advisable to take the device to the care center.

8. Over Discharging
Some times phones dosent switch on once the battery is totally usedup and doesent even show that battery charging animation on screen.

This problem mostly happens when the phones are kept ideally for long period of time (say few weeks or more) your phone wont turn on even immediately after charging. do not worry and be patitent, keep the charger connected. sometimes its so discharged that it cant even show thatmuch animation. it automatically will show charging after about 5-7 minutes.
Tip: Do not keep the battery inside the phone if you are going to keep it ideally for long time. there are chances of batery leak and may cause a big problem. thats the only reason why The companies give the battery saperately in the box

9. Insert SIM
This may sometimes happen if the SIM contactes has developed some non conducting material on it or if you don't put the SIM right way.

Use an Eraser to rub the Golden part of your SIM to clean it. Go through your phone's manual for the sim. sometimes if you put it wrong way SIM may get stuck inside. use proper tool to remove otherwise you'll endup by damaging your cellphone.

10. Theft
Be carefull someones always watching you. amm.. im talking about thieves..dunt worry!!

Watch This Fabulous Ad of Samsung mobile phones with mobile Tracker.

If you loose your phone the first thing to do is calling up your Serviceprovider company and BAR your account. and the second thing is Complaining police about it.
There is no gaurentee that you will be able to get your phone beck but by this second step you can be ensure that your phone will not be missused. If you are using a smartphone, you should use a password and encrupt your valuable data. so no one can missuse it. always keep a beckup of the data. and if your mobile has a mobile tracker, Activate it. this will help you track your lost phone.

Please Share if you have More ideas.

Thanks for reading my Blogs :)

Hope you have a Great day!!

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