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Hi I am Dhruv Bhansali a fulltime Cell phone repairing technician & Coach, being a physics graduate I always felt little attracted towards this electronic gadget and how actually these real tiny components built together 2 make our life so much more elevated and connected. Communication really develops people. India is considered to be 2nd largest Mobile Communication market in the world, with over 13 service providers more  than 100 Handset manufacturers serving  more than  494 million people in India itself (That’s about 56.6% of whole population). If we go back in time for a moment we will find that communication is the origin when humans actually started to develop. From one to together and then in groups to places to towns and cities. and now here in 21 centaury you yourself can see where we stand.

How easy it is to determine the work opportunity here in this market.  Take a little time... Look around for mobile phone users into your locality, we will find at least 3-4 mobile phone users per family and now compare them with the Technicians or customer care centers which are available to fix their mobile phones when it starts showing some troubles. Few days beck I got a call from a Samsung Customer care executive asking about job recruit to my students for their centers. He said they are in need of at least 10 technicians every month!  They are one of the top selling mobile brands in market today.

So my part comes here,  I coach people who really are interested into this field and want to stick their feet’s remarkably strong into this never ending technology market. This is an opportunity to start an extra income for people.  I can’t say it would help you earn a fortune but at least a side income that can help you elevate your lifestyle.  But if you take it fulltime as a carrier in this business, believe me sky is the limit!  Every day there are new opportunities in this tremendously growing market.

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