Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Future of Mobility: A Flexible Wrist Computer

The developement in the technology is growing faster then anything. from old IBM computers to Sleak laptops and Bell telephones to Smartphones we have seen them becoming distinctly mobile since maney years. what people like is being connected, no matter where they are. so no doubt that mobilephones and wireless networking devices will keep getting more portable and easy to use.

Sony Nextep

The next generation of ultraportable Device designed by Hiromi Kiriki imagines this being a sony product by 2020

The Sony Nextep Gadget containing OLED screen rolls in to confirm the perfect fit to the wearer's wrist.
so everytime you want to use it you can rollout to expose its twin holographic projector screen and split pullout keyboard.

Its designed to keep users connected to your social networking sites at all the times so you're never more than a few folds and clicks away from your online network.
The design may appear very futuristic now but as we see the upgradation and inventions growing faster day by day, products like these coming into reality is not really far off.

Microsoft is also working for this type of gadget called Microsoft Surface which is one of a kind among these..

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