Friday, October 8, 2010

Walk when you text (Mobile Application)

Since Maney years Text messages have been very popular in its own way. Now a days people use it so often that their half of the conversation is done over text Messages for ton's of reasons (believe me i know it). Even thats Dangerous, lots of reports in Media of pedestrians walking into traffic or running into other people, just because they were soo busy starring the mobile screen and writing texting message or replying to an email on their cellphone.

Numerous mobilephone application Developer thought to help those people out so they wont have to change their habit be safe as well.
These Application Basically turn beckground of your text message screen into a camera feed. so while walking and chatting over phone you can see whats coming on your way.

This Video can explain Batter.

For the iphone users there are few Applications such as Type n Walk, iType2go (With free Versions), Email n Walk and Text Vision. few applications even allow using twitter and facebook while walking,

Android users have Road SMA but this app is only available for Samsung Galaxy S phones.

Here's the Demo

For users with Bada OS there are App like Walk n Write, and Type n Walk

Bad news for Blackberry and Symbian phone users there are no such app built till now as per my knowledge.
Please do Let me know if there are any in comments.

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